British Vogue, Feb. 2019
“Moomooz is a rising rookie in the global kid’s fashion industry.”

Found in Seoul, Korea, moomooz is a rising rookie in the global kids’ fashion industry. Moomooz creates a platform for 50+ Korean designer brands to provide an endless wardrobe of trendy, vibrant, and inspirational children’s fashion items.
Cool mums, dads, and kids, start your shopping spree with moomooz now at

Hooligans Magazine, Jan. 2019
“Moomooz strives to deliver not only amazing kids clothes, but also love and sincerity.”

“What kind of clothes would I want my child to wear?”, “What would I want to wear if I were a child?”
Questions from a mom’s heart and a child’s perspective brought moomooz to life. Introducing 50+ original brands from Seoul, Korea, moomooz strives to deliver not only amazing kids clothes, but also love and sincerity. Fill your child’s wardrobe with heart-made garments at!

Maekyung, Jan. 2019
“We were certain that if great products are sold at amazing prices, a new kids’ fashion boom can occur.”

With clear goals and core beliefs, CMI Partners launched an online children’s fashion platform ‘moomooz’ in November, 2018.
Although only a couple months has passed since moomooz began to sell, there are proofs that CMI Partner’s tactics are working. For example, some customers from the US mass purchased $500 to $700 worth of children’s clothes. Considering that each garment is about $30, this is very meaningful. “We are on a good start,” said Erica Eunju Lee, the CEO and founder.

Maekyung Economy, Aug. 2018
“I realized Korean fashion can really work in the exponentially growing global fashion industry.”

CMI Partners managed to be funded 5 million US dollars by four VCs including Mirae Asset in July, 2018. It’s an unprecedented case for a fashion startup to receive such a big amount.
“We look forward to providing the grounds for Korea’s fashion industry to perform at its fullest potential.”